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What we do

We partner with private practice owners by providing up front value for their practice. We grow together in our network of premier podiatry practices by allowing the physicians to focus on patient care while we handle the administrative burden of a practice.

I am ready to say goodbye to administrative burdens and focus on patient care.
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What we offer

The ability to focus on your top priority – patient care. Statera relieves you of administrative burden so that you can do more of what you love.
Up front value for the practice you have built, and the ability scale more quickly and increase that value as you focus on patient care.  The Statera model allows our partners see more patients and experience higher incomes.
We recognize the reputation you have built in your community.  A partnership with Statera allows your practice to maintain its uniqueness and independence. You will retain the best parts of your practice, while reducing the risks involved with individual ownership.
Statera’s management team is comprised of individuals with decades of podiatry practice management experience.  We will help ensure your staff is educated, always patient-care focused, and motivated to grow with you.
The Statera network is comprised of podiatry thought leaders across the country.  Being a part of this network means accessing best practices both in patient care and business.
Coding and Compliance
In-house coding experts ensure proper coding and timely payment for your work. Our compliance experts will also keep you up to date with ever changing rule and regulations.
Contract Management
In-house coding experts to ensure proper coding and timely payment. In-house compliance experts to ensure you experience less risk than being an owner/operator of an individual practice.
Our dedicated marketing team specializes in podiatry and will help grow your practice.  We focus on each practice’s individual marketing needs.
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What We Do
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